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Tirar rugas de calçados
TR 750 / TR 800

Machine to remove wrinkles from shoes.Ultra-fast heating systems that reach high temperatures (400/600ºC) in a few minutes. Steam injected with or separately from the hot air, (Mod. TR 800 and TR 750). Through a pneumatic system, which is activated by the pedal, it will inject pressurized steam over the leather, lubricating the leather fibers and with the help of hot air and the stretching roller that equips the machine, the existing wrinkles in the footwear will be eliminated with total success. The machine to remove wrinkles also has other very important technical details such as: Stand by mode, which keeps the steam boiler at temperature, even when the machine is not in use. exclusive to TR 800. Air speed adjustment. Digital recording and regulation of the hot air temperature. The reuse of hot air ensures considerable savings combined with excellent thermal insulation, low heat radiation to the operator. Air temperature regulation up to 650ºC.

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Máquina para tirar rugas de calçados
Sequence SX20

Sequence SX20

Remove wrinkles from shoes
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