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MECSUL was founded in 1981 and over 40 years has specialized in the production of machinery for footwear, always seeking to innovate its line of equipment developed with its own technology or under license from Italian companies.

Since the year 2000, it has broadened its horizons, developing and manufacturing special customized machines for other branches of industry, mainly the automotive sector, where it already occupies an important position as a supplier of machines and equipment for assemblers and systemists.

With the philosophy of always having the best products and customer service, it has a technical team for research, development, design, production, installation and after-sales of the machines, which has guaranteed the quality and credibility of the products.

It has a sales team at the factory itself and representatives throughoutBrazil isLatin America.


More productivity, less cost and more profit for your company with our machines and technologies for shoe manufacturing. Solutions for small, medium and large business

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Provision of laser cutting, bending and welding services with strict quality standards 


Development, manufacture and implementation of special solutions for the automotive and packaging industry

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Buy original parts and extend the life of your machines

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