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DRAWING 02 and 03

The Lavorata 02 and 03 is a model ofshoe conveyor rail.Its purpose is to transport all the components that make up the footwear in its production process, using conveyor carts with capacity for up to 4 pairs of shoes. As it transports, it automatically interconnects the operations of the manufacturing process and paces the production rhythm. The transport speed is controlled through a digital frequency inverter for easy handling and visualization of the hourly production. Lavorata's dimensions are within a modern conception of structure that meets the needs of footwear manufacturers. The length of the Lavorata will be according to the customer's layout.


Optionally you can have:

Electric gutter with 16A or 32A sockets.

Compressed air piping.

High-speed conveyor belt for formwork return.

Drying and Reactivation ovens can be installed on the track.

Shoe machinery related



Sequence SX20

lavorata 02 2T.png

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