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Shoe cutting table.The CNC  MECSUL cutting tables are designed to automate the cutting operation of the various materials that make up the shoe models, artifacts and others, through cutting head technology with an oscillating razor. The group of tools that automates cutting is made up of several tools, eg: Cutting Head with oscillating knife that can be Electric and/or Pneumatic, 2 punches, 1 punch and 1 pen.

The CNC cutting table can be tilted with simultaneous and alternate management areas, positioning, cutting and unloading (SafeCut 30.10 model) or flat area that can be divided into sectors (SafeCut  MECSUL).

Positioning can be automatic, interactive or semi-automatic, on the SafeCut 30.10 CNC tabletop model, which has high-brightness video projectors with DLP technology. Allows the projection of the pieces to be cut over the raw material, increasing the cutting quality for maximum production. On the SafeCut  MECSUL cutting table, the positioning system is automatic and interactive on a video monitor.

The fastening system of the parts on the cutting table is done through a powerful sectorized high-efficiency vacuum.

SAFECUT MECSUL CNC Cutting Tables are interfaced with modeling software, 2D CADs on the market.

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